It’s not too early to start planning for next season. Your Club, the Tampa Bay Snow Skiers & Boarders (TBSSB), is working hard and has planned another wonderful trip schedule for the 2024-2025 season. We will be offering several destinations to both EPIC Pass and IKON Pass resorts. Trip list to come.

EPIC passes and IKON passes for next season both went on sale recently. Both include many mountain resorts. If you purchase an EPIC or IKON pass through the links provided below (from our tour operator, Sports America) you will pay the same price (or less) for that season pass as you would if you purchased it directly from EPIC or IKON, plus you will receive a special credit (a discount) on your trip with TBSSB. You can also renew your passes using the links below.

To purchase a pass through TBSSB and Sports America (which is the only way to receive the trip credit mentioned above), or simply to learn more about what resorts and restrictions apply to each pass type, click these links:

Both passes typically have a couple or more price increases as we get closer to the ski season. Even after the prices increase, the special credit for purchasing through Sports America will still be in effect. If you think you will be skiing/boarding at one or more of the many pass destinations, purchasing or renewing your pass before the first price increase will give you the best price available this year.


EPIC - If you are planning to ski or ride at one or more of the EPIC/Vail destinations, you should purchase one of the many EPIC Pass options. Which pass is right for you will depend on what dates, and how many days and resorts you’re planning to ski or ride. Even if you only go to one EPIC destination and only ski a few days, the EPIC Day Pass is the best option. EPIC Buddy Passes will end April 16th!

IKON – If you are only going to one IKON destination, and skiing less than 6 days, purchasing a Group Lift Ticket through the Club for that trip is probably the better deal. If you are planning to ski or ride 6 or more days, or more than one IKON resort, you should carefully check out the IKON Pass options. One of their passes (at least the Base or Base Plus) is likely to be the better choice if you plan to ski 6+ days and/or more than one resort. IKON rates will increase after May 5th! IKON & IKON Base have special pass discounts when booked on our site.

Please be sure to very carefully read all the pass options, restrictions, blackout dates, and destinations included. Not every pass type is good at all resorts or on all dates. By clicking the links above, you can see the prices, which resorts are included or not, what restrictions or blackout dates apply, and etc. Before selecting a pass, please be sure that you fully understand what your specific pass offers, at which destinations, and what restrictions or blackout dates may apply. Also, some resorts may require you to reserve the dates on which you plan to use your pass. As soon as you know what trip(s) you will be taking, check to see if that resort requires reservations. If so, go to your online pass account and reserve your dates.

If you have questions or need help making the right selection, feel free to call the 800 number that can be found near the top left of the pass description pages accessed via the links above. If you still have questions, please contact your trip committee chairs.

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